Winter 2013-4

An assortment

Sanna Bay
On Sanna Bay, 25th December 2013

Windy picnic by Sanna Bay, 25th December 2013

Ariundle Rainbow
Rainbow over Ariundle Oakwoods and Strontian River, 26th December 2013

Ariundle Oakwood
In Ariundle Oakwood, 26th December 2013

Dewdrops in Ariundle Oakwood
Dewdrops in Ariundle Oakwood, 26th December 2013

Affric hills from Beinn a'Mheadhoin
Affric hills from Beinn a'Mheadhoin, 31st December 2013

Dog Falls New Year Swim
A refreshing New Year dip by Dog Falls, Glen Affric, 1st January 2014

Carn a'Chaochain
On Carn a'Chaochain, 2nd January 2014

Duchray Hill
Duchray Hill
On Duchray Hill, 11th January 2014

A foot
The game... 10th February 2014
(it's a foot)

Bannock Burn
By the Bannock Burn, 12th February 2014

Achray, 14th February 2014

Loch Venachar
A fearsome specimen of the hypomelanotic aquatic wildlife of Loch Venachar...
February dip, 16th February 2014

Allan Water
By the Allan Water, 23rd February 2014