Winter 2006-7

An assortment


The snow's here at last - the summit of Corriehabbie Hill, 11th November 2006


Ascending Ben Rinnes, 11th November 2006


Andy, Jen, Robin and Katie on Corrieyairack Hill, 12th November 2006


The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy can be seen running across the hillside here - old shorelines from when the glen was flooded due to being dammed by glacial ice. 25th November 2006


Jen and Andy at the summit of Carn a'Chuilinn, 26th November 2006


Ben A'an, 23rd December 2006


Fiacaill Ridge, 24th December 2006


Cairngorm Plateau, 24th December 2006


Afterthought Arete, 24th December 2006 - no sign of winter!


On Afterthought Arete, 24th December 2006


Sunset from Fiacaill a'Choire Chais, 24th December 2006


I took quite a few pictures of an inversion and spectacular sunset from Meall nan Tarmachan on 25th December 2006

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Descending Beinn nan Oighreag, 2nd January 2007


On Ben Tirran, above Glen Clova, 20th January 2007


A wee dead vole. Perhaps it forgot to hibernate with the unusually warm winter, and got caught out when it actualy did get cold? 20th January 2007


Winter weather on Creach Bheinn above Glen Creran, 21st Januray 2007


The Horns of Alligin, looking like it's late Spring, 3rd February 2007


Discussing measurements, 3rd February 2007


Jen above the Eag Dubh, looking towards Tom na Gruagaich, 3rd February 2007


I'm not quite sure what Robin and Katie are up to! 3rd February 2007


Leaving Mol Mor - Katie taking out the rubbish, 4th February 2007


Jen at the summit of Sgorr na Diollaidh, 4th February 2007


Jen, Helen and Stuart sheltering behind a boulder to eat chocolate lollies on the way down Beinn nan Imirean, 10th February 2007 (Helen's birthday). The weather was really wild - it was difficult to even stand up at the top, and battling back down against the wind and through the powder drifts was pretty hard work. At one point Stuart's eyelashes froze together leaving him unable to open his eyes - we had to do an emergency defrost before continuing!


Stuart, Jen and Helen on Beinn Mhic Mhonaidh, 11th February 2007


Trying out Helen's new bivy shelter on Beinn Mhic Mhonaidh, 11th February 2007


The road to nowhere - walking in to Shenavall, 17th February 2007


Shenavall bothy, with Beinn Dearg Mor, Beinn Dearg Beag and Loch na Sealga behind, 17th February 2007


Looking across the ridges of Fisherfield and Flowerdale from near the summit of Beinn Dearg Mor, 18th February 2007


Looking East from the summit of Beinn Dearg Mor across a nearby prow; the Fannaichs in the background, 18th February 2007


The walk in to the Northern Corries of Cairngorm, 3rd March 2007 - not looking like being a quiet day!


Hell's Lum, 3rd March 2007


Looking down the Goat Track, Coire an t'Sneachda, at people doing some glacier training, 3rd March 2007


The easy lower part of the Runnel, Coire an t'Sneachda, 3rd March 2007


The Runnel's chimney pitch - pretty lean at this time - 3rd March 2007


A mouse had come out of hibernation too early, and was scurrying around on the plateau edge, 3rd March 2007


A snow shower and the full moon, 3rd March 2007


Robin G leading Sickle at Rosyth Quarry, 17th March 2007


Winter back in the Ochils? 18th March 2007 (taken from bedroom window)


Dumyat from the bedroom window, 18th March 2007