Thailand, 2nd-17th December 2006

Bangkok (1) - Chiang Mai (2) - Andaman Coast (3)

We decided it was time for something a bit different. We flew to Bangkok from Edinburgh via Amsterdam, getting there on the afternoon of Sunday 3rd December. In an unusually organised manner we had pre-booked our domestic flights within Thailand and also some of our accommodation, and so had 3 nights in Bangkok, 4 in Chiang Mai, 4 in Railay and 2 on Koh Yao Island. Climbing was not to be the main focus of the trip, but we planned to do a wee bit whilst at Railay

Taxis near Sanam Luang Park


The bustling markets on Khao San Road


Wat Phra Kaew temple complex by the Grand Palace

A terracotta model of a temple in Vietnam

The temple of the Emerald Buddha. The tiny figure can just be made out in the centre!


Still in the Wat Phra Kaew complex


The Royal Palace complex


A temple within the Royal Palace complex


Wat Pho temple complex

A cat in a wheelbarrow

The reclining Buddha

It's surprisingly big

Still in the Wat Pho complex


The Golden Buddha - solid gold, that is - at Wat Traimit


Geckos on a pub ceiling


Phra Pin Klao bridge from the Chao Phraya river


Walking home involved quite a bit of avoiding stepping on these...

The next day we took a cruise of the Thonburi district on a long tailed boat

We were glad we weren't swimming

Ornate temples by the canals

An agricultural area further out of town

We stopped for a break at this orchid farm

Feeding frenzy! The people at the pier had just thrown some bread in for the fish

A residential part of Thonburi


The Thais are famous for their open minded approach to life


It turned out that Tuesday 5th was the 60th anniversary of the King's coronation, and huge celebrations were in place. The Thais associate a colour with each day of the week, with Monday being yellow. As the King was born on a Monday, about 95% of the population of Bangkok were dressed in yellow for the party


The Democracy Monument. Slightly ironic at the moment, I suppose...


The view from the top of the Golden Mount at Wat Saket

Phra Pin Klao bridge towers over the nearby buildings

On top of the temple, on top of the Golden Mount


Local fauna


The Erawan Shrine by the Shangri La in the downtown area


The true spirit of Christmas


We took a tuk-tuk (insane three wheeled motorised taxi) back. The traffic was incredible after the day's celebrations


Farang means foreigner. Whilst they are genuinely enormously friendly people, the Thais aren't shy about wanting your money


Some motorbikes carried entire families, with toddlers and all. Occasionally, a helmet could be seen.

The next morning we headed back to the airport and took a flight North to Chiang Mai


Bangkok (1) - Chiang Mai (2) - Andaman Coast (3)