Sweden, 8th-16th October 2005

Assorted photos from a trip to visit Jen's friends and family


A picnic by the lake with Ia, Johan, kids and dog


Home sweet home


A stroll by the lake


An arboreal creature


Cobwebs in the woods at Äskestock


Swedish high fashion


Jen rowing us across the bay at Äskestock


We took a day to visit Trollegater, a granite fissure-cave system in the woods near Linköping, with Carin, Magnus and Lovisa. The caves are believed to have been formed as the result of an earthquake.

Jen can be seen here, laughing manically as she lowers her niece into a hole in the ground


Jen and Lovisa in said hole in the ground. The underground passages were quite long in some places, and formed a kind of square-cut grid under the surface, accessable through squeeze-holes in places


Returning Lovisa to her mother




Trolls are said to live in the caves


And here's the proof


No, I don't want to go home yet..!