Sweden, 8th-16th January 2005

A family visit. Jen, my mum and myself joined Jen's family for a week in a chalet in the Southern Swedish highlands after spending a couple of days in Stockholm - including an interesting night on the Red Boat hostel, when a hurricane forcee storm struck. Jen and myself were woken up in the small hours of the morning by a boat crashing into the outside of our room. It then crashed into, and destroyed, a jetty.

The storm subsided, and we headed up through Dalarna in the bus, getting to the chalet in the early evening. Lovisa demostrated that you are never too young for beer


Sunset outside the back door


We went downhill skiing for a couple of days. Here, Magnus is helping to extract my mum from a tree


In the evenings we let Lovisa out of her box


Jen and myself went for a hillwalk one of the days. The plateau was crossed by several skiing trails


The poles in the background mark one of the trails


Jen and myself also went long-skiing a couple of days. It was quite icy, and I seemed to spend more time on the ground than on my skis


We took Lovisa sledging in the evening, but she preferred sliding on her bum


No caption needed


On the second day long-skiing we stopped off at a hut in the woods for waffles. Jen translated an article for me on how this was one of only two areas in Sweden where bear hunting was allowed, as there was no shortage of them there. This did not make me entirely happy, as I can't ski very quickly