Summer 2013

An assortment

Giant spider mite! 1st June 2013

Meall nan Eagan from the banks of Allt an t-Sluic, 2nd June 2013

Frog on moss on Meall nan Eagan, 2nd June 2013

Faint Brocken Spectre from the Buachaille Etive Mor, 5th June 2013

Sunset at Portnaluchaig (Rum at back-left, Skye at back-right), 7th June 2013

Sea salt crystals, 9th June 2013

On Corwharn, 16th June 2013

Falls of Falloch, 12th July 2013

In Finnich Glen, 13th July 2013

In Finnich Glen again! 15th July 2013

Gairloch Sands, 20th July 2013

A beach, somewhere, 21st July 2013

Barefoot Barnacle Bouldering, 21st July 2013

Keep on Truckin', 21st July 2013

Beetle-style, 21st July 2013

Ardessie Falls, 22nd July 2013

Freya, Jen, Isla, Toby, Katie and Robin on Blath Bhalg, 27th July 2013

Mull, 4th-9th August 2013

Isla on Moonjelly, Reiff, 13th August 2013

Freya on Moonjelly, Reiff, 13th August 2013

Achmelvich, 14th August 2013

A dip in Loch Assynt just before the rain hit... 14th August 2013

Peacock Butterfly on Ben Gullipen, 24th August 2013

On Beinn Dearg (by Callander), 24th August 2013

Lost Valley, Glencoe, 31st August 2013

Last swim of the summer! Below the Lost Valley, Glencoe, 31st August 2013

Fly Agaric, 31st August 2013

Elie Chain Walk, 1st September 2013