Summer 2008

An assortment


Iain seconding Eureka at Aberdour, 4th June 2008


Cloudberry in flower, 8th June 2008


Dinner time on Farragon Hill, 8th June 2008


In the Sound of Sleat, 13th June 2008


Approaching Inverie, 13th June 2008


Enjoying the views from Beinn na Caillich, 14th June 2008


Ladhar Bheinn from Beinn na Caillich, 14th June 2008


Garnet sand by Abhainn Inbhir Ghuiserein, 14th June 2008


A peacock defending some scraps, 15th June 2008


Loch Nevis, Loch Morar and the Small Isles from Beinn Bhuidhe, 15th June 2008


The Rough Bounds of Knoydart from Beinn Bhuidhe, 15th June 2008


Supper time at Long Beach camp site, Inverie, 15th June 2008


Sundown over Loch Nevis from Long Beach camp site, 15th June 2008


Andy W on top of Sgurr a'Chaorachain, his final Corbett, 21st June 2008


Andy's Final Corbett party, Sgurr a'Chaorachain, 21st June 2008


At a lochan between Sgurr a'Chaorachain and Beinn Bhan, 21st June 2008


A colourful beetle on Rum, 19th July 2008. More Rum pictures here


A damselfly? 19th July 2008


Dad at Kilmory, Rum, 19th July 2008. Skye in the background


Jen approaching the summit of Trallval, 20th July 2008


Askival, Ainshval and Trallval, 20th July 2008. More Rum pictures here


An Adder crossing the track by Alladale Estate, 26th July 2008


Glen Alladale, 26th July 2008


Looking down Glen Alladale from the slopes of Bodach Beag, on the way to Carn Ban; the crag on the right is the Alladale Slabs. 26th July 2008


Heading up Gleann Mor, 27th July 2008


Rewilding Alladale and Gleann Mor? Click here to see more. 27th July 2008


A cloudberry ripening on the upper slopes of Meall a'Chaorainn, 27th July 2008


Mussels on the shore of Loch Nevis, 2nd August 2008


Flower on Ben Aden, 2nd August 2008


Looking East from the summit of Ben Aden, 3rd August 2008


Passing Lochan a'Mhaim on the walk back out from Sourlies to Loch Arkaig, 3rd August 2008


At the summit of Creagan na Beinne, 10th August 2008


Ripe cloudberries on Carn Chuinneag, 16th August 2008


Inverpolly from the Western top of Carn Chuinneag, 16th August 2008


Carn Chuinneag (left) and Carn Salachaidh (right) from Carn Bhrain, 17th August 2008


A caterpillar in the heather, 17th August 2008


Lingonberries (and a small blaeberry bush), 23rd August 2008


Looking to Creag Mhor from the approach path, 23rd August 2008


A bee digging a burrow on Morven, 29th August 2008


Puffball, 29th August 2008


Lichen 'blooming' by a lingonberry bush, 30th August 2008


Heading up the SW ridge of Carn na Drochaide, 30th August 2008


Autumn's here! 6th September 2008


On the way up Druim nan Cnamh / Beinn Loinne, 6th September 2008


Orange peel fungus, 6th September 2008


A mushroom, 28th September 2008


On Corserine, looking towards Carlin's Cairn, 28th September 2008


Lunch time on Glas Bheinn, 5th October 2008


From Glas Bheinn towards Loch Leven, 5th October 2008


Sundown over Loch Leven, 5th October 2008


At the Birks of Aberfeldy, 12th October 2008 - click for more pictures