Spring 2016

An assortment

Falls of Bruar
The Falls of Bruar, and their rock arch, 5th March 2016

Creag Mhor
Creag Mhor, near Balquhidder, 6th March 2016

Woods by Linn of Tummel
In the woods by the Linn of Tummel, 19th March 2016

Osprey nest on pylon
Osprey(?) nest on pylon, 19th March 2016

March swim Garry Tummel confluence
March swim at the confluence of Rivers Garry and Tummel, 19th March 2016

Arrochar hills from Cruach an t-Sithein
The Arrochar hills from Cruach an t-Sithein, 20th March 2016

Frog and spawn
Frog and spawn, 25th March 2016

On Meikle Bin
Our spawn, on Meikle Bin, Kilsyth Hills, 25th March 2016

Jew's Ear fungus
A clump of Jew's Ear fungus, near Brig o'Turk, 2nd April 2016

Ben Lomond from Cruinn a'Bheinn
Ben Lomond from Cruinn a'Bheinn, 9th April 2016

Camping on Samalaman Island
A wee adventure - camping on Samalaman Island, looking across to An Stac (left) and Rois-Bheinn (right). The island is tidal; it's often possible to walk on and off at low tide for a few days either side of Spring Tide. 10th April 2016

Sunset over Eigg and Rum from Samalaman Island
Sunset over Eigg and Rum from Samalaman Island, 10th April 2016

Samalaman Bay
Samalaman Bay - the crossing to the mainland looks a bit wet underfoot... 11th April 2016

Iain swimming off Samalaman IslandJen swimming in Samalaman Bay
April swim off Samalaman Island, 11th April 2016

Angry Crab
Angry crab on Samalaman beach! 11th April 2016

Masked Crabs
Monsters from the Deep! (The unicorn-crab-beasties are Masked Crabs). 12th April 2016

Sea Urchin Teeth
Sea urchin teeth, 12th April 2016

Red Point
The Southern beach at Red Point, 12th April 2016

Litter picking at Sand beach, Gairloch
Litter picking at Sand beach, Gairloch, 13th April 2016. We try to always bring a bag with us to the beach, and to fill it with rubbish. I'd encourage you to do the same whenever you can.

Opinian, 13th April 2016

Sunset over Harris, from Sands campsite
Sunset over Harris, from Sands camp site, 13th April 2016. Sadly, I put my camera away after this - as the sun slipped away, there was a brief, vivid, green flash, something I haven't seen before.

An Groban from Flowerdale
An Groban, from Flowerdale, 14th April 2016

Scrambling on An Groban
Scrambling on An Groban, 14th April 2016

Torridon Hills from An Groban
The summit area of An Groban. Slioch is the hill on the left; the Torridon hills are to the right. 14th April 2016

Ben Venue
On Ben Venue, snow showers all around. 16th April 2016

Walking the plank
Walking the Plank, Yellowcraig Wood, 23rd April 2016

Along Highland Boundary Fault from Conic Hill
Looking along the Highland Boundary Fault from Conic Hill, 24th April 2016

Above Covesea
On the Moray Coast Trail above Covesea, 30th April 2016

You're not as good at hiding as you think... 30th April 2016

Brittle Star
A brittle star at Covesea, 30th April 2016

Wood ants
Wood ants, Culbin Forest, 1st May 2016

River Etive
By River Etive
Fun in glen Etive, 8th May 2016

River Etive
Iain and Jen in the River Etive, 8th May 2016; photo by Freya F

Binnein Shios
On Binnein Shios, Ardverikie, 14th May 2016. Binnein Shuas in the near background; Ben Nevis at the far back

Deer Tick
A deer tick on the prowl for its dinner... 14th May 2016

A newt, 22nd May 2016

Gull eggs
Gull eggs, 22nd May 2016

Kilbride Bay
Having fun at Kilbride Bay, 22nd May 2016

Kilbride Bay
Kilbride Bay; the Isle of Arran in the background. 22nd May 2016

Broad Buttress, Buachaille Etive Mor
Broad Buttress, Buachaille Etive Mor, Glencoe, 26th May 2016

Raven on Buachaille Etive Mor
A raven at the summit of Buachaille Etive Mor, Glencoe; Ben Nevis in background at right. 26th May 2016

Beach near Arisaig
A beach near Arisaig, 28th May 2016

Lizard's tail
A lizard's tail, jettisoned when I stepped on the lizard (sorry). It kept wriggling for minutes; this is a mechanism which helps lizards escape predators (though not without cost!) 28th May 2016

Shedding crab
A crab in the process of shedding one shell and growing another. At least, I think that's what's happening. It was still alive; I didn't step on this one! 29th May 2016

Beach near Arisaig
Another beach near Arisaig, 29th May 2016

Caterpillar Web
A large Small Ermine moth caterpillar web, Stirling, 29th May 2016