Spring 2008

An assortment


A nesting swan on its eggs, 11th April 2008


Scott B leading Pain Pillar at the Hawkcraig, Aberdour, 13th April 2008 (Photo by Ian McC)


Frog Crossing! Near Clachtoll, 18th April 2008


Jen and Mhairi climbing Midreiff, at Reiff, 18th April 2008


Iain on the slab of Monster Breaker, at Reiff, 18th April 2008


Walking in to Suilven from Inverkirkaig. Nigel W, Freya, Jen, Mhairi McC, Ian McC and Iain present. 19th April 2008


Nigel and Jen looking in to Suilven, 19th April 2008


The wall crossing Bealach Mr on Suilven, 19th April 2008


Ian, Jen and Freya nearing the summit of Suilven, 19th April 2008


Jen and Freya descending from the summit of Suilven, 19th April 2008


Nigel W on Monster Breaker at Reiff, 20th April 2008


An Teallach and the Fisherfield hills from Reiff, 20th April 2008


Frogspawn on Stob Breac, 27th April 2008


The Crianlarich hills from Stob Breac, 27th April 2008


Iain leading Cranium Crack at Hawkcraig, Aberdour; Stuart belaying. 3rd May 2008 (photo by Jeanie)


A heron fishing in the morning as the tide turns, Strontian, 5th May 2008


Iain leading Yir, Ardnamurchan; Dad belaying. 5th May 2008


The Small Isles from Meall an Fhir-eoin Beag, Ardnamurchan, 5th May 2008


Freya at the crag, Ardnamurchan, 5th May 2008


Jen leading Krakatoa, Ardnamurchan, 5th May 2008


Little lost lamb, Ardnamurchan, 5th May 2008


Adrian G bringing Fergal McE up Backstep Chimney, the Whangie, 6th May 2008


Adrian on Vampire Crack, the Whangie, 6th May 2008 (photo by Fergal McE)



Sunset over the Loch Lomond hills, 6th May 2008


Freya test-driving her new rucksack on Creag Uchdag above Glen Lednock, 10th May 2008


The family at the summit of Creag Uchdag, 10th May 2008


Dad just below the crux of Spider Right-Hand on the East Face of Aonach Dubh, 11th May 2008


At Castle Naze in the Peak District, 31st May 2008