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Dad and Viv's Wedding, 16th November 2013

Marmaris, 14th-20th October 2012

Isle of Mull, 25th-28th July 2009

Lewis, Harris and Bearnaraigh, 12th-18th June 2009

Prague, 22nd-25th January 2009

Venice, 13th - 15th September 2008

Our Wedding, 15th October 2007

Neil and Panee's Wedding, 16th August 2007

Carin and Magnus's Wedding, 19th-20th May 2007

Amsterdam, 24th-28th March 2007

Thailand, 2nd - 17th December 2006

London, 18th-20th November 2006

Krakow, 14th-17th October 2006

Chris and Kenny's Wedding, 16th-17th September 2006

Bergamo, 29th-30th July 2006

Imogen and James's Wedding, 24th-25th June 2006

Visit by Carin, Magnus, Lovisa and Linnea, 1st-8th June 2006

Belgium, 27th April - 1st May 2006

Rome and Pompeii, 19th-22nd November 2005

Sweden, 8th-16th October 2005

Sweden, 8th-16th January 2005

Sweden, 10th-12th October 2004

Venice, 11th-14th September 2004

Paris, 17th-21st October 2003

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