Isle of Mull, with Carin, Magnus, Lovisa and Linnea, 25th-28th July 2009

Jen's sister and family came over to visit, and we went to Mull for a few days

Paddling at Knockvologan on the first evening


Escaping the rising tide!


Sunset over Iona, from Fidden


On the Iona ferry


Sussing out the line at Port Ban, Iona


Picnic at Port Ban




Descending Dun I


The resident heron at Bunessan


The Guardians of Scoor


Paddling at Scoor beach


Having fun


Various jellyfish washed up on Scoor beach


Rock daisy


The Dragon's Teeth, Scoor


Rock pool


Scoor beach


Magnus on Scoor beach


Carin scrambling


Looking back down to Scoor beach


Eating a freshly-picked field mushroom on the cliff path


Freya picked up the bill at the Keel Row


Sunset over Iona, from Fionnphort


The ferry passing Duart Point


Driving home...