London, 18th-20th November 2006

We went down for a long weekend to visit David and meet up with a few others

A promenade by the Thames


Jen's new look


It was fairly windy


Approaching Tower Bridge on the ferry


Tower Bridge


A church


Expensive goodies at Borough Market


Very very expensive goodies at Borough Market


The Tate Modern


Looking down from the balcony in the Tate. Blue jeans appear to be taking over the world - try counting them next time you're in a crowd


This piece was various flags made of sand which then had ants set loose in it to tunnel through and mix it up. Pretty, and a nice idea, but I think the artist might have been expecting a bit more mixing to happen


There were slides installed when we were there, but the queues meant it wasn't really worth having a go


One way to pass the time




Dali sculpture


The London Eye


Big Ben


We went to see Avenue Q on Saturday evening. Hilarious, and thoroughly recommended for anyone who ever watched Sesame Street when they were younger


Sunday at the Natural History Museum


A dead lizard


A big dead lizard


A plastic dead lizard. This one is animated and scares children


The museum building is worth seeing in itself


We went to see Tim Minchin perform that night. A very skilled pianist and quite a funny comedian


In the British Museum on Monday


In the Ancient Greece and Rome section


A very pretty clock


A very pretty hog


A very pretty sarcophagus


Some very pretty Egyptian Smurfs


A kind of pretty mumified corpse


And if that lot wasn't pretty enough for you, you could always call one of the numbers posted in this phone box nearby...