Finnich Glen, July 2013

A trip down the spectacular gorge of Finnich Glen (between Drymen and Killearn, about NS494847).

These photos are from two separate trips, one on 13th July 2013 and another two days later. The weather was unusually warm, and water levels quite low - the gorge can be quite different when it has more water in it.

Above the gorge, to the West of the road bridge

Heading under the bridge, as the burn starts to drop into the gorge

The first of several small waterfalls. This pool is too deep to walk through - a few metres of swimming are required

Descending through the gorge

Another short swim...

... and a little wading

Much of the way is just a scenic walk...

...but the adventure isn't over yet

More waterfalls and pools just above the "Devil's Puilpit", where a path descends into the gorge at a widening

Below this, there are no major obstacles - just a walk through some more pools, with small trout darting about

The exit from the gorge. From here, you can either retrace your steps back up it, or head up the South bank onto a path that leads back to by the road bridge

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