Isle of Eigg, 19th-21st May 2011

We planned a 5-day trip to the Isle of Eigg. It was not entirely successful, but not a write-off either as it's a wonderful wee island...


Leaving Mallaig on the Small Isles ferry


Approaching the Isle of Eigg, the prow of An Sgurr standing proud


Arriving at Eigg. The weather was windy and very changeable, with heavy showers and sunny spells in between


We had hired bikes and a trailer to allow us to shuttle back and forth, as we were staying in Cleadale, at the North end of the island's road


The fire station


The isle of Rum from Bhealaich Chlithe


At Tigh an Sithean, where we were staying, in a basic 'cocoon' hut - which would have been ideal if the weather had sbeen a bit better. The pinnacle above is known locally as the 'Finger of God'


Views across to Rum


Bluebells and the cliffs above Cleadale


We made a trip to the Singing Sands beach - but it was damp, so the sands did not sing for us. There were many interesting rock formations to see, though






Unusual weathering


Fossil shells


Colourful weathering


Coal (fossil wood)


Heading back


In the morning the weather continued to be unsettled and windy. We were surprised to see a small tornado form over the Sound of Rum (just above and left of the centre here)


Closer view


It only lasted a minute or two before dispersing. As it broke up, the tube up the middle briefly became visible


After lunch in the café at the pier we decided this might be our only chance to get up An Sgurr. It was very windy, but otherwise not too bad


The wind was too strong for us to take the kids up top, so we took turns to wait to the North of the summit ridge while the other nipped up to the summit


The views were great between the heavy rain and hail showers, but it was hard to stand upright at times. The Isle of Rum is in the background here


Descending through the woods, laden with drookit weans!

There was a storm forecast for Monday, when we were due to leave, and a lot of rain for Saturday and Sunday. We decided it wasn't worth staying in such poor weather, and likely getting stuck ont he island for a day or two extra until the ferry could run again. We would leave on the Saturday ferry instead if it was running


Sunset over Rum


Saturday was a bit dreich. We based ourselves in the café and listened to updates on the ferry. Due to the wind it had to reroute on its way from Canna, and could not land on Muck at all, but it did make it to Eigg. It was time for us to retreat.

We'll go back sometime when the weather's better!


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