Clachtoll and Surrounds, 23rd-27th May 2012

The Return to the Campsite of the Chickens...

Inverpolly reflected on Loch C¨l Drommanan, late on 23rd May 2012


Morning beach trip, 24th May 2012


Toddling up Quinag


Picnic and play break, half way up Spidean C˛inich on Quinag. We didn't go any higher this day!


Retreating back to the beach


The Black Pearl? An odd mirage at Clachtoll, evening of 24th May 2012


Seabirds at Achmelvich, 25th May 2012


A refreshing dip...


Almost too warm on the beach for woolen coats...


There seem to be lots of sand eels this year


I went with Dad for a coastal scramble and geological trip. This inlet marks a significant fault line in the Lewisian Gneiss, and has a deep sea cave at the back of it


Visitors are advised to duck when exiting the cave


Achmelvich Hydro Project


A fine vintage


Enjoying a cuddle with farfar


Back on the beach at Clachtoll, 26th May 2012


A rare sighting of the Sutherland Greater-Striped Sand Freya...


...and its close relative, the Dual-Spaded Beach Isla


Walking between Clachtoll and Stoer bays


Gull eggs


Alltan na Bradhan Mill, 27th May 2012


Port Alltan na Bradhan


Ovine tragedy at Port Alltan na Bradhan




A final beach visit at Achmelvich before heading home!


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