Bergamo, 29th-30th July 2006

We had headed to Italy for a couple of weeks in the Dolomites, and having had a very successful trip we decided to relax and see the town of Bergamo on our last day

It took longer than we had thought to drive down there, so we stopped for lunch by Lake Garda


This rather grand wall surrounds a graveyard on the outskirts of Bergamo town


Inside the graveyard


Bergamo itself is split into the old town on the hill - the Cittą alta - and the new town. The Cittą alta is the bit worth seeing, so after we got ourselves a hotel room we headed up there


The streets of the old town are fairly narrow and cobbled, with some quite charming old buildings towering over them. A thunderstorm started as we arrived here, and it got quite wet


The central square of the Cittą alta, Piazza Vecchia


A fountain in Piazza Vecchia


Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore


A shrine


Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore


Ornate, but sadly quite badly eroded, lion carvings outside the church


Inside the church


A menu on display further up the old town. We were tempted to eat here just to find out what Flying Squids are


Posh villas above the old town


A church overlooking the new town. After this we retired for an excellent dinner (seafood for Jen, Cep pizza for me; plenty of wine for both of us). There is a gondola that runs between the old and new towns which we hadn't used on the way up. I found some tickets in the ticket dispenser machine, and after establishing that there was nobody around looking for them we took a free ride back down


This sculpture probably depicts what the inhabitants of Bergamo do to ticket thieves. We headed back to the hotel, and had time for a leisurely breakfast in a café the next morning before heading back to the airport