Alladale, 26th-27th July 2008

We took a trip to Alladale, as it may (or may not) be about to get harder to access the hills, glens and crags there (see here).

I've put quite a few photos on this page in case people want to see what the area, and the enclosure, look like. Many aren't of particularly good quality - sorry!

On Saturday we headed up Carn Ban via Glen Alladale, then across to Carn a'Choin Deirg then back to the car. The place was teaming with wildlife, from frogs, lizards and slowworms to deer ...


... and an adder, which crossed the track in front of us


The edge of the enclosure, at the base of Glen Alladale


The current fence is about 2 metres tall, with 2 insulated wires on the inside and 2 on the outside. I didn't test to see whether or not they were all electrified


I can't help but wonder what will keep these dangerous wild animals in during the winter when the snow drifts a couple of metres deep...


The electric fence crossing the Alladale River


I guess this large track is needed for maintenance access to the electric fence


A parasitic worm (I think) in a puddle on the track


A clump of yellow saxifrages (Saxifra aizoides) - thanks for the identification, Doug!


Glen Alladale above the current enclosure


The Alladale Slabs - a climbing crag to which access may be lost


Looking down Glen Alladale from the slopes of Bodach Beag, on the way to Carn Ban. The Alladale Slabs are on the right




On Sunday we headed up Gleann Mor to Meall a'Chaorainn. The current enclosure runs near the track for the first part of the way


The Caledonian forest remnant is lovely. The electric fence is a short distance uphill (left) of the track here


Higher up Gleann Mor there are a number of smaller electric-fenced enclosures at the edge of the main one


OK, the "wild" boar are very cute indeed. I'm aware that this one would probably be happy to eat my baby, but it's still very cute


There are occasional styles giving access across the current electric fence to the enclosure and its "dangerous wild animals"


Some of the smaller pig enclosures were definitely electrified. There are a whole series of these at the edge of the enclosure in Gleann Mor


There were lots of dragonflies buzzing around; this one may have crash landed


A cormorant (I think) surveying a pool in the Abhainn a'Ghlinne Mhoir near Deanich Lodge. There was another one nearby


Gleann Mor


The Beinn Dearg Munros and Seana Bhraigh from the summit of Meall a'Chaorainn


A cloudberry ripening


Walking out back down Gleann Mor