Freya's ascent of Stac Pollaidh, 22nd September 2012

When I was 4, Dad took me up Stac Pollaidh, having me do all the walking and scrambling myself. We only went up to the easy top just East of the main col, but I still remember being allowed to crawl on my stomach to look over the edge of the cliff! (I went back and recreated this and it matched what I remembered, so I know that memory is real - and one of my earliest of anything.)

It's quite likely this played a significant part in forming my love of the hills and of NW Scotland, and I want my kids to have the same opportunity.

I didn't want to try until I was sure Freya could manage and enjoy it - and hopefully go one better than me and get to the summit.

With the unsettled weather, it was starting to look like that wouldn't be this year. However, a window emerged!

Discussing the route...


Racing ahead




Still in front!


Impatient to be scrambling


Heading around the West side of the hill


Ascending towards the ridge


Preparing for the bad step


Alternative preparations


Approaching the bad step before the summit


On the last spur East of the summit, Cul Beag and Loch Lurgainn in the background; a dusting of snow can just be made out on top of Beinn Dearg


At the summit. Climbing the bad step was "a bit scary," but Freya was pleased with herself. The promise of marzipan certainly had nothing to do with her smile


At the summit again; Cul Mor and Cul Beag behind


Summit group photos


Traversing back along the ridge towards the col


Three generations on Stac Pollaidh (at the first top East of the col)


Recreating the old photo!


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